After update to latest app version unable to play Videos

Two of my devices - Galaxy 7 and Xperia table have just been updated to the latest app version - Since this update I can still log in a see the files on my ex2. But when I try to play then on the mobile device no matter what video player I use I get a cannot play error. If the same drive is accessed vis another mobile device (xperia 3) running an older app version 4.4.6 then there is no problem.

The error only flashes up for a few seconds so no screenie but it does say “refresh media store” I have cleared teh media dat but with no effect

If the drive is accessed directly from a number of video players (VLC specifically) on the mobile devices then again the videos will play. Additionally if the drive is accessed from a desk top via WD My Cloud EX2 pubilc share there are no problems.

The issue is with the latest version of the app - advice please.


Up Date regressed app on both machines to 4.4.6 and full functionality restored - there is a problem with the latest version of the app!

Hi, have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the app? How did you refresh the media store? Did you clear the app cache?

@Vapours_Sirus thanks for this feedback. I have informed our apps team of your experience.

App was removed and reinstalled on both devices.
Media storage was cleared via the application manager and " media store"