After Update only Thumbnails

Hi everybody,

after my last Firmware Update to 1.10… my WD TV LIVE HD shows me only thumbnails as picture.
All Images are saved as Big picture like 2000x1200 and 5MB.
My WD shows only 50kb.
I stream my images from Buffalo NAS with actual Twonky.
Before WD update everything looks good.

Someone here with a goog Idea for me?


There is no firmware 1.10 for the WDTV Live HD.

Firmware 1.10 is for the WDTV Live SMP.

Which one do you have?

Hi again,

“WD TV Live” in the front of the player with Firmware 1.10.13

What means “SMP” ?



That’s the Streaming Media Player.

The forum for the 2011 WDTV Live Streaming Media Player is here: