After Update Can't Get Password To Work or to Reset

After I updated it appears to have created it’s own password, because it’s not blank, and it’s not mine, and I can’t reset it by pushing in the button with a paperclip and holding it.  That procedure worked for me before the update.

My Book Live 3TB

Windows 7

I was trying to do port forwarding and needed a MAC address.  I was hoping that logging in would allow me to access this information.  I have a NetGear 3700, which isn’t one of the NetGear routers listed in port forwarding, so I’m kind of winging it, and assume I need the MAC address.  Nothing like wanting to go to the store for a donut, and finding you first have to build both the road and the car, and you also have to drill for oil, and refine it into gasoline.

Ouch, sorry men, contact WD Support, they might have trick to help you here, but honestly, I bet that they will offer you a replacement.

Thank you for confirming what I thought.  I’ve contacted support, and I’ll see what they have to say.