After trying the WD fix, now my mac won't even recognize the hard rive

I had difficulty with my WD book not ejecting properly (the VCD would pop back on the screen instantly) so I tried the firmware update suggested on the WD site.  I then followed the instructions to load the smartware, which I really didn’t like.   I want the external drive as a data storage device for my time machine, not at yet another back-up program.  So I uninstalled the smartware, and now the computer won’t recognize the hard drive at all.   I am so very frustrated at this point, and have spent hours researching solutions online, only to find that this is a very common problem and everyone seems to hate WD.  I am thinking about chucking it at this point and buying an apple product, which ideally, would work my my apple computer, but hate the thought of wasting the time and money I’ve already put into this.  I’d love to know how to fix this drive–thanks in advance for the help!

I sooo hear you!!

Having same effin problem!

49 views on my thread and not one response!

Tech support via telephone have NO idea…

So basically, I chuck out all my photos, etc that are stored on this drive!!

I HATE Western Digital and will never buy their product again!  JUST like HP!! Have to toss in effin software and eff up everything!


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