After this MBL Fiasco: Not Waiting

After this journey between June 23rd until now (Jul 11th) that has been underscored by loads of uncertainty, I have decided not to wait for another pre-packaged NAS solution.

I notice that there are many options, but before I embark on this new NAS journey, I wanted to reach out to this community of knowledgeable folks to get opinions about which one of the following may be the best for a DIY for a user without much computer technology background, however willing to set aside time to learn:

  • FreeNAS (now call themselves as TrueNAS)
  • OpenMediaVault
  • Amahi
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See my other post. I just finished building a NAS using rpi4, openmediavault, emby dlna server and an external usb3 HDD. The whole thing cost me under $100 not including the HDD (which u can harvest from the MBL and put it in a sata to usb3 enclosure).

Oh and turn off upnp on the router and block the rpi from getting internet traffic just to be safe.

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Honestly, for 100$ buy a Synology DS120j with at least 5 years of truly support and 10 years of bug update. Not like WD…

I did not take the trade-in program for my WD MyBook Live Duo because the proposed machine will soon be obsolete; it is a 7-year-old machine.

Instead, I bought a Synology DS218play and I’m fully satisfied with it.