After reseting to factory default, public folder is gone


As stated in a topic: after making full restore and changing to quick when I’ve noticed that’s going to be painfully slow I’ve seen there is no public folder and I can’t use DLNA anymore o my TV through the network. I don’t see anybody with such problem, so I’m asking what’s going on. Anybody some advice?

Operations like this should never be interupted

I would try another full restore. If this dosn’t help contact WD support

just curious how did you stop the full to change to quick?

I had a dialog box during full restore if I wanted to change for a quick. And I clicked the one.

since they provide the option it “should” have been ok. I would contact WD support before a full restore then.

I was guessing you pulled the plug

Nope, right now i even cannot access the UI via browser, seems likecloud went totally down. I’m doing the pin reset now

Right now I see undefined share… something is definitely wrong

Full restore takse over 24 hrs for a 2TB drive…longer for the larger ones.

You could try starting out with the system only or the quick restore and let it finish (not too long) and then only do full restore if one of the shorter actions doesn’t fix it.

Neither system, nor quick restore, did any good. Ok almost no good. Now I can at least log to the device but with user password not empty admin one, however still I do not have public folder.

You can make a new share called Public (or whatever name) and … set it public…