After reset can't find my old Shares Folders?

I had just ‘soft’ reset My Book Live Duo and the system prompt me to re-register and re-create my accounts. However I can’t find the old share folder that I created previously and can’t access the old files. I had confirmed on the web portal page i still have 1TB of data in the hard drive, hence the data are still there however I can’t access them now.

Can someone pls assist me on how to access these data that are in the harddrive but I can’t access?

Did you reset it yourself or did you find that it was reset without you initiating it? It sounds like your drive was factory restored, and currently there is a wave of attacks going on against these drives. There should be a message by WD on this issue, as well as a number of posts here.

I actually reset it myself and I can still see there is 1TB of data usage on the harddrive. So I don’t think it’s under attack.