After reboot of WDTV, no longer able to access network share files

Having an odd problem, happening on both of my devices.  I have both the original WDTV and the most recent version.

The problem - After powering off the device, I am no longer able to access files on teh network share.  The WDTV can drill all the way down the file structure and select the file, but then it just clocks with the little spinning logo.  The device doesn’t freeze as I’m able to back out.  In order to remedy the issue, I have to do a device reset back to default, re-enter username and password for hte network share, and try again.  This will work fine until the device is powered off again.  This happens on both versions of the WDTV that I have.

Has anyone seen this or have any ideas?  Its getting old having to type the ID and pass every time on the on screen keyboard.

PC the files reside on is a Windows 7 Pro machine.

Thanks in advance!

With all the resetting and stuff you’ve done, are you sure both of your WDTV’s are named uniquely?

The defaults for both are “WDTVLIVE” which, if not changed, will cause conflicts with two units…

Yes, the device names are unique.  I tried another test yesterday, by simply leaving the device on all day I hoped it wouldn’t lose the connection.  Same problem eventually happens, I can navigate to the files, but when trying to play, it shows the “thinking” icon and never plays.

Any other ideas?