After putting files on USB drive via NAS, they won't show up

Hi guys!

First of all I have to say I am very happy with my WD TV Live Product. In 9 of 10 cases it does exactly what it has to. A few issues here or there do not bother me very much, as there are firmware upgrades quite regularly!

Here’s one problem that is quite annoying anyway: I use a 16GB Kingston USB flash drive. Because of the mostly great-working NAS function of the WDTVLive player it is inside the device almost all of the time. 

But sometimes, when I put files on the USB drive they simply won’t show up. I reboot the system, they won’t show up. Then I try to eject the USB drive and the whole device crashes. I have to do a hard reset (pull off the power cable) in order to make the usb drive and the WD device work again. When i put the USB drive into my computer all the files are there.

As said, this happens irregularly, I’d say approx. 1 out of 7 times. Any ideas? Is there some kind of a “force-refresh” for all files on the drive? 

Maybe this is helpful: I use Mac OSX and the stick is formatted in HFS (in order to store >4GB files, like MKVs), which usually works just fine!


I don’t know about HFS, but if you’re using HFS+, you need to have Journaling DISABLED.

And to force a refresh:  Highlight the icon / folder that represents the USB disk.  Press OPTIONS and select RESCAN.