After Parition no smartware and unable to manually add files to drive

I got this drive yesterday and was planning on backing up my documents so I could computers. I hooked up the drive, installed the smartware but then could not open the smartware program. I called the tech support, who had me format the drive for my computer, a mac (OS10.4.11). I have the My Passport Essential with smartware that is marked as being compatible with Mac and Windows.

   After the partition I no longer had the preloaded smartware files on the drive. The tech had me try to download smartware again from the website but it resulted in an extremely long download time through both channels (almost 2 hrs for the Mac zip file that’s only about 32MB). The tech told just to wait while it downloaded and then open it. And that was the end of my support call.

I was really frustrated with this and decided I was just going to use it as a storage drive since I  read of some people here on the forms doing that. So I preceeded to drag and drop all the files i wanted, waited for the drive to finish copying and then safely disconnected it. This morning i went to check the files, to make sure i could open them since i was planning on using the drive to transfer my docs onto a new computer, but found only half the documents actually on the drivve and of the ones on the drive they would not be opened.

Help me please get this to work in some manner.

What did you format the drive to, hfs+, fat 32?  And what kind, size files were you copying over to the drive.   Also, just so you know, the Passport Essential comes formatted for Windows, so in order to use it on a Mac, you will always have to repartition and format the drive for you Mac.