After Os5 update no more sleep

. . . . . .for a low cost monthly fee

In all seriousness, I suspect the “EdgeRover” program is part of the WD endgame for OS5. I am willing to bet that a good bit of the indexing that is done is to support the EdgeRover cataloging functions - - - and that this is deliberately being pushed NOW so that the EdgeRover will find precataloged drives. . . .
I mean, if you signup for this new software. . . and it immediately pops up with 20,000 neatly cataloged and keyworded images. . . isn’t that sweet?

But, if you pay good money for a program. . .that has a monthly fee. . . and it immediately starts grinding your NAS for three weeks solid . . .during which time the hardware is flatly unusable. . . that would … .not be sweet.

I am really curious about what this software is about. . . but I have enough privacy concerns that no way am I going to let it anywhere near my system. . . and yes; I have similar concerns regarding OS5 (I have my OS5 box powered down for the time being, pending making a plan forward)

oh oh oh oh, this is new (to my at least)
I’ve just made a google sear “edgerover wd” hahaha and officialy the only thing that I can see is that “is not yet in your country, come back later”
but then I found an user forum… :wink:
I think your guess is pretty solid man…

OMG :frowning: …and when you enable the EdgeRover’s “Turbo” function then we end up with each of the devices using it in the tunnel of endless scans …feeding up the resources…

I still manage my data by my own and would keep it under full control. I need no help by a data crawler on my device(s) not knowing what happens finally with the results. By such features the standard users will loose control on their data … data privacy and sensitive personal data, even if the disclaimers are accepted (without to understand content in detail even if it was read) … baaahh, that sounds terrific. Then no local NAS is to be used anymore, the people can move to cloud online storage…even cheaper as to manage and maintain a local NAS. this is so bad to read …like the switch form OS3 to OS5!]

<> EdgeRover
Turbo mode.
Cataloging terabytes of data can take time. With Turbo Mode, you can set the EdgeRover app to speed up when your computer is not busy.

It seem that we will enter the next tunnel!

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