After new update my WDMCloud went very slow : WDMyCloud v04.00.00-607 : Core F/W -

Dear All,

Last month i update my WDMyCloud to a new version WDMyCloud v04.00.00-607 : Core F/W - and after that it went so slow that we cannot work normal anymore so slow.

My backups are creating an error and after restart for 3 times it remain the same .

What can i Do?

Any thoughts anyone ?



Wrong forum, this is for My Book Live…

my .02 cents, do not upgrade firmware unless necessary or have issues.

The whole point of a Firmware update is to improve upon previoius versions - they should be trusted.  Ignoring them, and also having the luxury of hindsight, is more to do with luck than anything else.

I totally agree with dwright71

This whole thing is just ridiculous.
Now, we all know that they know exactly how bad this thing was before they sent it off to production, and before it got into the stores, etc, AND we know they knew that the firmware upgrade was horrible and would make it even worse. So, what are we going to do about it?