After new release WD my cloud not accessible

After the new release I can only access WD Mtcloud for the first 4 minutes. I then receive the error message WD Mycloud is not accessible. Local documents are available.

I have posted questions previously that contains all my router information LED, lights on the back of the device etc.

Any help is appreciated.

I would do a system only restore. A bit a shot in the dark, I admit.

Thank you. If I do a system only restore does it wipe my WD my cloud? Thank you again

No, it saves all of your data. It turns all shares into public shares and does away with all passwords. I just did a system only restore last night at the suggestion of WD support. It didn’t work. I had to reassign a static IP and set up the email alerts. Kind of like starting from a new drive that has all of your data still on it. 

 I emailed support back trying to find out why mine doesn’t work. It was fine up until a few weeks ago, around the time of the firmware update. What’s interesting is I was able to access the My Cloud from within my home network before, just not over cellular. After the system only restore, neither work.