After MyBook Live Update - Log in WD2Go Goes to Shares not Public area

After doing this firmware update, I cannot get into the Public area using WD2Go as it only goes to Shares. Why is this happening now? Something new on this update?

Thanks, Bob

F.Y.I. I did more investigating and it will go into “Public” using I.E. but not Firefox. Using I.E., Java starts up but in Firefox it doesn’t so my problem is that Java won’t run in my Firefox right now for some unknown reason.

I also discovered it won’t go into Public from my BB PLayBook browser.

Later, Bob

Ok, all fixed. Java was Disabled for some reason in my Firefox add-ons.

Sorry to post this question before trying to resolve the problem but hopefully someone else might benefit from my experience. It had nothing to do with the WD MyBook Live firmware update.

Later, Bob