After latest firmware update led is not working


After latest firmware update led is not working…is not blinking green, is always off but the hard drive is working properly… any ideas?

thank you in advance

Does any led’s color work?

Unplug the network cable to test the red color.

Reboot to test white and later on the green color.

Uncheck the remote access and turn on the sleep mode on,  set it to the minimum (10 minutes),and wait to see the blue led.

if none of the led color lit, may be a faulty hardware.

Mine had similar problem, but the latest firmware update fix something, and now the multicolor led is working fine.

In my case, the original firmware work just fine, the first firmware update, screw my green led, latest update fix the led.

You may try to re-apply the current firmware, and the final choice could be to to do a factory reset.

hope this help.

No color , always off (black)… i 'will try your solution with ethernet cable and after i will make a reset… thank you in advance.