After install of windows,added a new WD5000AAKS GB, not visible in" MY COMPUTER"

 I’ve spent all day wiping the hard drive,installing Windows Home 32Bit (after having other problems with last O.S.) installed all the MSI Utilites,drivers,software and hardware,then I shut-down,and hooked up my SATA WD 500GB HDD. I looked in the BIOS and it showed both drives…74GB Raptor Sata5, and WD 500GB Sata 6 in the Bios.

I went to hardware wizard clicked on “already installed hardware” and chose WD500 GB HDD, it said it was working perfectly/

I then went into DEVICE MANAGER and saw the two drives in DISK DRIVES, but when I go into the Windows Explorer Folder and look under MY COMPUTER, all I see is the one 74GB raptor,where allmy apps are on.  I need this 500GB for storage. I must have a brainfart and too tired to realizre if I missed a step in installing this second HDD.  Please Help.  Thanks!

Have you tried a different data cable and/or have you tried disconnecting & reconnecting the one that you have?

A cable’s metal contacts can become oxidided thus forming an intermittant resistance to the proper flow of electricity.

'Same approach for trouble-shooting misbahaving RAM and expansion cards: remove & re-seat them.