After FW upgrade everything is OK! but VERY Slow

I can’t belive it! Everything is ok. WD MyCloud 4TB

Before: no thumbnail in uPnP
After: there is thumbnail yuhuuuuuuu hey thanks WD

Update 15.Juli

It’s too slow for copy why???

Upgraded mine and everything was working like it should also.

Not sure why so many people had issues with it.

My upgrade to FW 4.00 was done because my X8-H was set to FW auto-update.  So far, MyCloud 3TB seems to be working well - except for a drop in speed, as every function takes longer to complete.  I guess we are the fortunate ones.  Perhaps the auto-update makes a difference?  Still keeping my fingers crossed; also I have set my X8-H to allow SSH, and looking up on how to use SSH - in case I need to downgrade back to FW 3.0

What’s an X8-H?

Oops, my bad.  I got MyCloud mixed up with my Minix X8 media player!  Sorry.