After Firmware upgrade does not recognize HD....can wdtv be restored to true factory settings

Hello Everyone, I hope someone could help me out here.

I have a WDTV Live and a WD 1TB HD. Both were given to me as christmas gifts last year. I never had internet going into the unit before, I actually did one firmware upgrade via USB one I first got the unit. Yesterday I finally managed to get wired internet to my entertainment center to feed a pc, a ps3 and the WDTV. Wow I was so happy for about 5 minutes…until I decided to update to the newest firmware 1.02.21 via internet connection…big mistake.

After the update the wdtv does not recognize the HD… this is what I had done so far.

I plugged HD into a PC, HD seems to be working fine.

I pluged in a flashdrive into the WDTV and it recognizes the flashdrive perfectly.

I deleted the wdtv folder from the HD and reconnected it hoping the WDTV would re-create the folder but nothing .

I used the WDTV software and did a return to factory settings but nothing

I also used the little reset button on WDTV but that does not work either.

I noticed that when I reset to “factory” using both methods mentioned the firmware is still 1.02.21. Is there a way to truly restore to pure factory. Then update (using usb) then hope it will recognize HD.

BTW the HD was connected to the WDTV when I did the update and it restarted itself. Power never went out nor did I disconnect anything while update was being made. That harddrive is almost full with HD movies I would have to have to format it. PLEASE HELP!!!

No, the only way to “Back-Rev” a firmware is to find it somewhere out on the net, and then edit the “WDTVLIVE.VER” file to make it look like it’s NEWER than what’s currently installed.

By the way, what kind of drive is this?

This is a WD Elements 1TB hard drive. It worked perfectly for almost seven months right until the upgrade. Drive also works fine on any pc I connect it to.


I take it you’ve already seen this:!&p_li=&p_topview=1

I had not seen that previously but thank you for bringing it to my attention but remember the HD had been working for several months without any problem, problem started right after the updrade. Either way I’m going to try re-formatting the HD.

Im currently moving 750 gigs or so to my main computer…(the other 250 I decided to delete) once i’m done moving files over I will re-format and try the HD out. After all this I really hope it works. I’m goping to report to the post my results either way.

Thanks to all that have answered so far. :smiley:


I moved my files over and re-formatted. Afterwards I put in some files and connected and it seemed to recognize the HD. I think this is the solution. I will post my results tommorow. Im currently adding 750 gigs of movies to the HD.

Good nite to all and thanks for the help .