After firmware upgrade can't ssh to twonky server

Hello everyone,

I recently upgraded my 1st gen Mycloud to firmware 04.05.00-342
Now I can’t ssh into the twonky server on port 9000.
I was able to do this on the previous version of the firmware
I am able to ssh on the NAS without a problem, just can’t get to the twonky sever from there.

The command I use is as follows;
ssh root@NAS.ip.address:9000

The error I get is
ssh: Could not resolve hostname NAS.ip.address:9000: nodename nor servname provided, or not known

help please


Not sure why you are trying to SSH into the Twonky server on port 9000. Generally to access the Twonky media server one would use a web browser to do so. Example: http://wdmycloud:9000 Typically to use SSH on the My Cloud to access the firmware level of the device one would simply use the IP address of the My Cloud (NOT the port number). The Twonky media server is a module found in the firmware.

What I want to do is upgrade the twonky sever to the latest firmware.
I did it before and now that I have upgraded the mycloud firmware, I’m back to the old version of Twonky.

After I successfully ssh into wdmycloud and did an ls -l it returned results of 0 files.
So I know I am missing a step or two.

If you could be so kind and explain to me how to access twonky module while on mycloud nas via ssh
that would be great.

Thank you

Just to note … if you’re trying to SSH into the My Cloud after the latest firmware update

WD changed the SSH user login name from root to sshd

@JoeySmyth root appears to be working for me

@Bennor I’ve located the twonkymedia-7 folder/directory and now on to the upgrade…

Thank you

FYI. That change applies to the second gen v2.x firmware. The SSH login name hasn’t changed (yet) for the older first gen v4.x firmware.

To get to the top level directory after logging in via SSH try the following command:
cd ..


WDMyCloud:~# cd ..
WDMyCloud:/# ls -l

oh … ok, no probs :slight_smile:

something to keep in mind (if) and when it eventually happens