After Firmware Update MyBook Elite 1.5TB Dead!

My Book Elite that was purchased in 2012 , died at the end of last week.
After this , it was impossible to have found a few days solution.
Naturally To suffices Warranty, it seems unable to also expect help how from WD.

Please do not ■■■■■■■ Firmware Update!!!

WD does not have a solution , it looks like there is no interest.

It is planned to examine the private restoration company for the family photo of the past few years.

■■■■■■■ WD product will not go again .


I recommend using a data recovery software to recover your data. If this does not work then you should contact a data recovery company.

Since the HDD is not recognized , it is any tasks impossible state.
Even the inquiry mail from WD, their was that it is not able to give the other help.
And WD send to me recovery company Link Page.

While it is tempting to use a backup harddrive for things like family pix etc. it is dangerous since they are prone to failure. For those kinds of things I burn multiple DVDs and file them away. That has worked better for me although I know that this is old fashioned.

Otherwise, you should use at least 2 harddrives and alternate the backups.

Sorry for your bad luck on that. It is frustrating.