After Firmware 2.11.178 problems - hard disks not found

After the automatisc update last night to Firmware 2.11.178, the hard disks are no longer recognized.
And RAID says: no volumes are configured!
Restart didn’t solve the problem.
All front lights are blue - and the access to the system works fine. But no access to HD.
Please help me out - I don’t wanna lose all my data.
MyCloud Mirror 6T.

My two servers (MyCloud Mirror Gen 1 2x4TB JBOD and MyCloud EX2 2x10TB RAID1) both updated to the 2.11.178 firmware last night and I don’t see any problems at this point. Is your server stuck in a reboot, perhaps?

Hello there,
No, reboot was perfect. And connection with My Cloud Mirror Gen 1 2x3TB works also fine. The log file shows no problem.
But the WD Access does not recognize any volumes. Capacity 0 = zero. RAID saying: no volumes.

I don’t think I use WD Access(?) If you’re using Windows, can you right click on the device and go to the device web page? What does it say regarding disk capacity, free space and RAID status? Can you access the files on your drive over the network using windows/file explorer? Or do you have zero access to anything on the drives?

I know exactly what you mean, but right there is the problem:
Disk capacity: 0.00 free.
Raid: no volumes configurated.

So: zero access to the drives.

I tried to dismantle the My Cloud, but also the sole disks are not found with usb access.

Oh, dear, doesn’t sound good. Might have to call the customer service line, but dont get your hopes up…