After drive crash I have new data drive, I and need to restore from My Cloud

I performed a continuous backup from my data drive to “my cloud” on our wired ethernet. The data drive crashed and I have a new drive installed and need to restore my data back to it. My system has all program data on a solid-state C: drive and uses a 2 TB drive for all my data. I have WD Smartware installed on the program drive and can access it and run it. Smartware sees “my cloud” but will not give access to the 1.2 TB of data I need to restore. How do I access my data on “My Cloud” and restore it to my data drive?

@gadgettr6 What drive crashed, a computer or the My Cloud? Did you do the backup with SmartWare?
Have you used Retrieve on SmartWare. Have you read all the information provided WDMyCloudInformationIcon along with that under the Help tab?