After delete pictures they comming back!


i have a problem

i have many a lot of pictures in a folder and i want to sort them to an other folder
so is start to sort and moved many pictures to an new folder and then after a few minutes the pictures are comming back
to the old folder again even when i delete the pictures

what is wrong or how can i solve this problem

More detailed info is needed.
What are you using to “sort” your pictures? Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder, one of the WD programs?
Where are the files stored? On the My Cloud or on your local computer?
Do you have WD Sync installed and syncing pictures from your computer to the “old folder” location? If so that would explain why pictures would be “coming back”.

i use mac finder (2 open windows 1 old folder and 1 new folder ) same problem on my ipad with the wd app
and the files are stored on my cloud
and wd sync is not installed on my mac

Are the pictures being deleted stored on the iPad or other mobile device that has a WD My Cloud mobile app installed and which has the WD app “backup” option enabled to backup pictures from the mobile device to the My Cloud?

If you are trying to move files from one folder to another make sure your moving them and not copying them.

nothing is stored on the iPad …only have the app to view the photos and movies
and the app is not making aan backup of the pics on my iPad

and the backup function is disabled op the iPad and also on my mac in the dashboard