After crash - want that HUB start with original Mochi

I am looking for a thread. I no longer find:
if a different theme was chosen,
and the device shows no picture,
how do I get back to the original Mochi.
Start with remote control and the “Options” or “setup”?

please help.

Start / Reboot the HUB and press Setup. The HUB will start / reboot into the setup section …

no, in this way, the Hub will start with the last chosen theme but not with the Original-Mochi-Theme.

maybe I did not make myself clear - broken english, sorry:

after reboot: want that HUB start with original Mochi

I’ll try it again. You can’t see anything because your HUB reboots before you can set another theme and you want the default Mochi theme back before it reboots again …

This time with Google Translate:

Wenn der HUB Boot dann drücken und halten Sie die Taste Setup. Zu einer Zeit kommen die Einstellungen im Bild und dann kann man das Thema Mochi wieder wählen unter der Option Aussehen.

why don’t you try to pin the small reset button at the bottom of the hub ?

@Medic: ok, but if the choosen thema is corrupt, perhaps you can’t choose the original-theme. But there ist a methode, that the Hub start automaticly with the original theme. I have read this here in the forum. If a themer work hard, this funktion is very good, because:

you must not reset with the resetbutton at the bottom of the hub.

@firetix: you are right, but this is not so skilfully :slight_smile: