After clean install of W7 cannot back up

I run Windows 7
My Passport Ultra: Drive is recognized but cannot find a way to restore my data and files from ext drive.

Hi, did you use a software to backup your drive? If so, which software?

I used WD’s software and selected the different basic Documents, Photos, etc. suggested by the WD’s software.
I can see the data which was backed up inside the drive.
I did a clean re-install of W7 due to crashes with W10 Update so I need to restore this data.
Obviously I don’t really know what I am doing but willing to learn.

Hi, please do the following:

Launch the WD SmartWare software

On the Home tab, click on the picture of the desired drive that contains the backup. Once selected, click on the Retrieve tab located on the top left hand side.

Two options will be displayed asking where the content will be retrieved to: To the Original Places or To a Retrieved Content Folder. Select one of the options mentioned and click Next

To the Original Places can be selected if the source is the original computer the backup was done from. If the internal drive of the computer is formatted or the OS is reinstalled, WD Smartware will not be able to determine where the original location of the content being retrieved was stored.

To a Retrieved Content Folder can be selected to restore the content to a specific content folder. The retrieval can be done from the original or a different computer. The destination can be selected by clicking on Browse…, selecting the location and clicking OK. Click Apply to change the destination of the retrieve content folder once selected.

Upon selecting the destination, select the option to either Retrieve All Files or Retrieve Some Files. Once selected, click on Start Retrieving to initialize the retrieving process. Retrieve All Files will restore all of the content located in the backup previously done with WD Smartware.

Retrieve Some Files only allows selected files to be retrieved from the backup done with WD Smartware. If the file is not selected, it will not be retrieved. The files are stored under the drive letter previously backed up. Selecting the arrow, to the left of the drive letter, continues to open the specific folders at a sub folder level.