After Catalina 10.15 upgrade, mycloud home duo does not appear on my desktop

I was using my cloud home duo this afternoon, did a time machine backup and the installed Catalina 1.15 updgrade and can’t get my home duo icon to appear on my desktop. WD icons appears above my screen, but the drive itself doesn’t appear. This means I have no access to the data without going to WD cloud.
Anyone else have this problem or any solutions.

The Mycloud Home folder no longer shows up in Finder, I thought that this would have been sorted before Catalina went live… I can no longer access my files direct on my Mac nor can I sync my folders.


I had the same problem after installed Catalina. Looked everywhere and tried a bunch of stuffs. I did the followings, maybe the last one was the one that made it work:
echo “[default]” | sudo tee -a /etc/nsmb.conf
echo “port445=both” | sudo tee -a /etc/nsmb.conf
(also rebooted to be sure)

  1. Since I had the WD Live installed a long time ago to be used both by Windows and Mac at home, I went ahead and re-installed WD Live software for Windows anyway…

  2. I think this was the one that cured it. I recently had enabled a guest network on my router which does not allow access to the local network, only to the internet. My Mac has both ethernet wired and also wireless on. Once i disabled the Wifi on my mac (and the guest network so it doesn’t auto connect - i could also tell it to forget the guest network). Suddenly was able to access the drive content again.

Good luck!

Today, I looked at my OS Catalina desktop and the MyCLoudHome duo was there. Thank you WD for fixing this issue. Yes, its was frustrating and there was a work-around… but it was really inconvenient working between two different operating systems.
I have always trusted WD as my hard drive supplier. Thanks for restoring my faith.

Now how about an easy backup methodology even if what I have in storage as 8tbs raid 1. When is that coming?