After a recovery to a new PC - I cannot access my files

I have a new computer ( on Windows 7 pro ) and I try to recuperate my files from my old computer ( on Windows Vista ). The recovery process appears to work well, I can find my files in the /Document/retrieved content folder. But when I try to open a file ( picture or word text or excell file ) - I am getting a message “Windows photo viewer cannot open this image because you don’t have the right to access this file location” ???

The exact message is ( it is in French ! ):

“La visionneuse de photos Windows ne peut pas ouvrir cette image car vous ne disposez pas des autorisations d’accès à l’emplacement du fichier”

What can I do to access my files ?

Thanks ! Your help will be appreciated

Checkout Take Ownership of those files and see if that helps.


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