After 4 weeks no issues can no longer find network shares

My O!play was giving me network issues so I decided to replace it with a wd live about a month ago.

Set up was a bit of trial and error but I figured it out

2 days ago my WD LIve can no longer find network shares.

No changes have been made.

Hard wired into the network.

Have rebooted everything and waited.

Master reset (10x at least)

Even disconnected my other computer in case it was a master browser issue.

I’m at a loss how somelthing can work flawless for 4 weeks and just one day stop with zero changes made.

Windows 7

Netgear R7000 hard wired

Any suggestions before I back over it with my truck?

when ever i have a problem with network share to a windows 7 pc 99.9% of the time the cause is at the pc end.

rebooting the pc usually fixes the issue but i note you have done reboot of the pc and wdtv and still network sharing not fixed.

i have had occasion where them pc network sharing settings had mysteriously been turned off (not by me) so i suggest checking your settings again under “Choosing homegroup and sharing options”.

if you haven’t already done so it also might be worth restarting your router because device ip address table can be effected.