After 360 update I can't see mybook world

As the title suggests.

I am clueless and would need some pretty basic instructions if this is a simple fix.

Initially I just plugged it all in and it found the device fine. After an update…Nothing.

I need some help.

Thanks in advance.


PUNIT: if you can, post your Xbox Dashboard information and your MyBook MyWorld Information so as to help narrow down possible causes.


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Yeah no problem…Where would i find that and exactly what info do you need.

I have been strugling with this for about 6 months so I am eager to get this sorted again…

Thanks again.


To find out the Xbox Information:

  Go to “System Settings”, “Console Settings” and choose “System Info”.

To find out MyBook Information;:

Open your favourite web browser and visit nameofyourmyworld.local in the URL field. Login, and click System Status and copy and paste the firmware version.

Note: if you have the MyBook My World (Blue Lights Edition), then I cannot help you I have no experience with it.

If you are having issues playing back content on your Xbox 360, make sure the FILES THEMSELVES can play. The easiest way to do this is by copying them to a thumbdrive, plugging it into the Xbox and playing from their.

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360 Info

Dashboard: 2.0.13599.0

D:2.0.13599.0 - K:2.0.13599.0 (BK:2.0.1888.0)

E:02D1-2114-CE96-E6BA P:02D1-2114-CE96-E6BA




MyBookWorld Info

System Information
Device Name MyBookWorld
Firmware Version 01.01.08 with MioNet 
built on Wed Sep 30 19:31:50 CST 2009
Date & Time Fri, 07 Oct 2011 02:56:34
System Uptime 2 days, 4:11
IP Address  
DataVolume Usage  3%  Free space: 1.75 TB

Again many thanks in advance

If you sort this for me you are getting a cyber beer!!!

Oh forgot in addition to this the file types played fine before so I dont see why they wouldnt now.

They are coded as follows

M4V File (.m4v)

Divx I believe.


Cumon lads I need some help.


PUNIT, maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


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This has now moved on a step further.

I have contaced Support and their recomendations were to rebuild the twonky.

I cannot access the Twonky as I keep getting a port 9000 error.

I have posted this in the Networks WDMBW forum as it was more appropriate. Here.

Thanks for the help and if you want to follow this to resolution follow the link.