AFP Remote Access with MyCloud not working


i’ve looked for open threads to my problem but seems like there is no existing one. At least i couldn’t find one.

What i want to achieve is:

  • Access to my MyCloud (Single Bay) from a remote location (so not the home network) via the Mac Finder.

What i already got up and running:

  • Remote access for MyCloud App on mobile devices and WD My Cloud software an laptop via Port Forwarding

I know

  • that an afp or smb connection via Finder > Go > connect to server works IN THE HOME NETWORK
  • that there is an option of afp inside the settings of an My Cloud Mirror device but doesn’t seem to be included in My Cloud devices
  • NFS connection also just works in the home network. Trying to access by remote it just keeps on loading the connection.

Is there any way to do it?
Thanks for any help in advance.

MyCloud does not support remote mounting of shares. They do provide access.

Officially, not possible. There are many prior discussions on WD removing the remote map capability when they rolled out the OS 3 firmware for the My Cloud units. Here is one such recent discussion from a few days ago:

Unofficially there are a number of ways to remote map a My Cloud depending on which single bay My Cloud firmware your My Cloud is running, and if one is using a VPN connection to that local network. In certain cases one would have to modify the My Cloud firmware via SSH to allow for remote access mapping.

If one has the earlier first generation single bay My Cloud running v4.x firmware then it is possible to install an unsupported app/module which allows for remote mapping.

One can see WD’s response (not planned) to the request to re-enable remote mapping in teh following Cloud Ideas thread: