AFP or SMB on Mac

Hi everyone;

I’ve just bought a 2 TB WD MyBook Live and everthing works fine. My Macbook Air finds the drive in the Network and with the new FW also TimeMachine runs fine.

My questions now are:

  1. I can find the HDD automaticly in my Finder under Shares, but i dont get any information that this is an AFP or a SMB connection. (Also with apple+i no info!). I can also connect to the drive with apple+k and typing afp:/IP-ADRESS, but I dont know if this is realy necessary.

Is the automatical connection in the finder a AFP or SMB connection?

  1. I want to manage a 80 GB itunes library on my MyBook Live with WiFi. (I have to because the MacBook Air has no ethernet port). In this case is a AFP or SMB connection better?

THX 4 help !

that depends.  what os are you running?

The connection through finder is via AFP.

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My OS is: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2

are you running the latest firmware that makes the drive lion compatible?


nevermind, I already see that you updated the firmware.  I guess wdtony answered your question then.

Yes !