Afp:// mess and shares struture

This is doing my head in. 

I originally copied 120 GB of iTunes music as a backup under “Public”/“Shared Music” 

I cannot acces this folder anymore via finder (along with these pesky “shared photos” and “shared videos”)

I get the following:

Screen Shot 

Hitting up afp:// Music gives the same. 

It works fine via ftp in Transmit on my Mac and smb on a Windows machine. 

This is the second time it happens and it takes three days to copy all the music again. 

How do you create/administer sub-folders? What about rights? 

The UI only gives you the option to create a SHARE and a USER. 

It seems to be seriously lacking. 

I might want to create a new “Music Backup” share but I’m afraid it will happen again, and all subfolders (itunes Music, media etc) will suffer the same fate. 

Unless it is Mac/afp/snow leopard specific. 

Can’t see the image until the moderator approves it. Can you desceibe your image/screen shot?

What if you try to connect to the MyBook Live using SMB and not AFP?

The folder “Shared Music” can’t be opened because you don’t have the rights to see its contents. 

Likewise with “Shared Pictures” and “Shared Videos”. I just lost any ability to open the folders and see what’s in it. 

Created a new user, assigned rights to all shares, rebooted MBL from UI: same issue. 

That and my Time Machine taking forever= bye bye Western Digital, it’s going back in the shop tomorrow. 

These things are supposed to bring PEACE OF MIND, not constantly troubleshooting rights and stuffs like that. 


Time Machine it is.

Consider the chance that it could be how your computer is configured. I’ve had the situation where something was not working because something else which seemed to be working flawlessly was in fact at fault.

Unfortunatly I don’t know much about MACs. You’ll need to seek advice from a MAC expert.

And the whole thing happened with WD2GO, and turning off upnp on the router so I could access my files via iPhone. 

I had to turn it back on, even though it has static IP on. 

And it’s on the latest firmware. 

So, your MyBook Live works with your MAC the way it should with UPnP turned on? What router are you using?  I sonder if your MAC is accessing the router with AFP through router in a different way?

On my LinkSys I have an option I can turn on so I can access resources using the public IP from within my LAN exactly as can as from the WAN/Internet and both ways are subject to port forwarding rules.

It’s an educated guess.  What you’re truing to do I guess others are managing to do otherwise there would be a massive discussion my many MAC owners about the issue you’re experiencing. 

Triple check your equipment first.  What you don’t want to end up doing is getting another manufacturer’s network storage system only to find out you have the same or similar issues.

Has nothing to do with it. 

Can access both within my LAN and WAN. 

SSH/FTP/SMB no pb. 

I can acces it via afp too.

You cannot edit read/write access to subfolders. Only parent folders. 

I had several WD and they all bugged. Except for the WDTV which I really like. 

So I will be looking at another brand for NAS and external drives that’s all.

Nothing to do with my MacBook Pro or my network.

WD has issues with the latest Mac OS and that can be reflected in many posts on this forum and others. 


Thanks for the info.  It’s the same with SMB (Samba sever) where access for sub folders can’t be set.#

If I wished to have a more feature rich server then I would have built-up a computer and installed a full featured Linux Server or maybe Windows Home Server.

I guess it depends on what you require from a NAS.  The majority of NAS’s work the same way as the MBL.  It is possible to allocare precise access controls to sub-fiolders and files within the MBL but you’ll be saying goodbye to using the Dashboard UI and firmware updates.

Actually, when you find a NAS that has more flexible user and groups setup and better file/folder permissions settings I would be interested to know as I’m looking for such a NAS for a friend.  He just wants a simple box he can plug in and forget about it.

U might have to ssh in and go to /etc/netatalk and edit the conf files there.

For example, AppleVolumes.shares.

Read the man pages to figure out what the settings mean.

In my particular case, I purposely commented out the line to share my directory because I did not want my Mac’s appletalk to go there and plaster everything with .appledouble files.  Unlike myron, I left the netatalk service running so time machine will work.

It’s a solution.  The issue is that the damon.log grows at a stupid rate and when this fills the system partition then the MBL risks getting bricked. That was the purpose of shuttonf off netatalk but if your solution prevents the log file from filling the remaining free space on the Linux system partition then it’s a better solution.  :smiley: