AFP filenames on MyBook are cut off


when viewing directories with files which have names longer than about 30 characters over AFP (afpd) (Apple File Protocol), filenames are cut off after about 30 characters and a random(?) number is appended. So 

  My Document with a very long name to make an example.txt

becomes something like 

  My Document with a very long na#195.txt

I have not found anything in the netatalk documentation about filename lengths, but one user had a similar problem:

According to, it is possible that OS X tries to connect to the Appleshare volumes as “HFS” instead of “HFSplus” - since HFS did have a 31 character limit (HFSplus does not).

Please fix. As a workaround, I will use SMB shares for the time being.


Dude, I think you’ll have better luck if you try to contact WD. It’s the first time in my time on the boards I see someone posting this, so either your MBL has a problem or your configuration is forcing a problem… If more people can reproduce it then it’s a bug to be fixed.

Just tried this myself (on OS X 10.6.8). I can create file names in Finder longer than 40 characters. Are you sure this is not because you are using a Finder replacement program (as you noted in another thread)?

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cannot reproduce this any more after upgrading to the 02.02.02 firmware.

(Neither with original Finder nor with Path Finder.)