Æonish Hub ReV2 [WDTV LIVE HUB]


Okay, so I’m completely new so please excuse me if any of this is completely wrong.

So Downloaded your theme and downgraded my WD TV Live HUB to 2.07.17 installed the theme and everything looks good!  So I wanted to get this movie sheet thing working.  So I had to install windows on my macbook to use the thumbgen program.  I got that all set up and watched the movie on how to set-up/use thumbgen.  Got that all working fine, exported the .png image and the xml.  Changed the .png to .jpg. Put those files on the WD but they show up super blurry and pixelated.  

So I spent some time retrying double checking all my steps and… nothing changed.  So I downloaded the sample demo files & folders to see if those looked right on my media player.  But when I look at that folder I got nothing, no Images or movie sheets just the file names and the default images for the theme.   

Am I missing something here? I thought I followed everything to a “T”, if anyone could please help I’m getting very frustrated at this thing.




After downgrading firmware, i’d recommend resetting to factory defaults. (just to be sure)


Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default


Turn your  Media Library On.


Setup > System > Media Library > On




Is it correct if i have the newest firmware on my WD Live i cant use this theme?

I love the look of if.

Regards Daniel



Is it correct if i have the newest firmware on my WD Live i cant use this theme?




This Theme was developed / designed for Firmware 2.07.17


Western Digital have DISABLED features  that make this theme display %100 on Later Firmware.


Latest Firmware cannot EXACTLY reproduce all the VIEWS and SCREENSHOTS on PAGE(1) on this Thread.


Sure, people have released Mods and Stuff for it to Work on Latest Firmware …


Ive tried to Port it, but it cannot be done %100 exactly like on Firmware 2.07.17 … no matter what anyone says (or claims).


PNG Graphics were a Major Component of the Design of This Theme… (Have tried JPG in Latest Firmware … but the New Caching System Prevents a Workable Solution… PNGs in 2.07.17 NEVER got Cached, thus were uncompromised in Quality)






but it works already. maybe not everything. try it out yet. I’m on the latest firmware. I love the theme. for me it works fine.



I have a question for you, i’m using your jsmod color theme, i know it’s an old theme but i was wondering if you could tell me how to have the color background actually be the screenshot as your Aeonish theme works.  Which xml do i need to change or add code too.  any help would be appreciated. 




There is a Difference between “It Works”

and a Difference to how it "Displays"


You say … " but it works already. maybe not everything "


The “Everything” is what makes the design a complete and whole theme.



Here ya go, have a Pizza … 


"Where’s the cheese and tomatoe sauce, its  not there " ?


Hey,  it’s a Pizza …  you cant have everthing.



a nearly 2 year old theme and i have a bad memory.  sorry


@ Joey,

No problem, I understand thanks for your help as always.


So the only thing that doesent work i the backgrounds and so on?

Can i allways return to the “orginal” theme if this dosent work as hoped?

Why do you not update the theme eneymore?

Is there outher themes like this?

Regards Daniel and thanks


@ Joey,

i use your AEonish the most time - (with a little modification - only *.jpg for Movies Covers, no Moviesheet)

I have only a question:

It possible to use the linksheet option (maybe combine) for the AEonish Theme to can use the full function on

new Firmwares?




@ gerdk


It possible to use the linksheet option (maybe combine) for the AEonish Theme to can use the full function on

new Firmwares?


Splitting up your question into 2 parts …


It possible to use the linksheet option …

Yes, it is absolutely possible to use "Linksheets"


(maybe combine) for the AEonish Theme to can use the full function on new Firmwares?

Dunno … i guess so ?  I’m personally not interested in, or running  “New Firmwares”


I’m Running Firmware 2.07.17 and am Never updating ever again.

(Hate is a strong word … but that’s i feel about “New Firmwares”)


Thanks Joey,

:flushed: i hope the next Firmware are also good for you…(maybe)




Maybe you can just make a thumbgen template to use as linksheet like the one of DeVicious Black Mamba theme, I mean to make a file with only backdrops, title, plot and imdb rating and a different file for folder. Any way the .png problem is a fact so your theme with last firmware will have some graphic problem and other issue. I’ll try your theme with last firmware and linksheet just for curiosity and I will tell you.




Hi, Plesk … well curiosity got the better of me so i upgraded FW (but not to the very latest) for “testing” purposes :smiley:


There are a number of ways to use “Linksheets” … personally, i would like something to can be used in All views (and also be used in other themes following the Linksheet design) and must be quick navigation.


So, like the my Aeonish (which uses a background image … no hardcoded text (Metadata provides the text) … the Linksheet could be used in a different theme…


Example: Plain Fanart Background + Jpg Thumbnail   (PM3 HD “List”  test design Actual Hub Screenshot)


Just a “Rough” Linksheet for “Gallery View” using the old 1280x459 Template (for speed) … however this design is limiting to be only used in “Gallery View”


 Anyways, just experimenting at the moment with various layouts, design and code …

A Testing and Learning Phase

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@ Joey

je, looks absolut super - cool 



Hi JoeySmyth! The example on your post looks very cool! By using the old 1280x459 Template do you mean that the old moviesheet, generated by thumbgen in .png, will work on new firmware if used as linksheet by place the file in the theme folder and change the extension from .png to the same as the movie (.mkv or .m2ts for example)?


I’ve found some problem with the theme download link could you check it please?




Download links on Page(1) work fine for me.




Linksheets can be either Jpg or Png (with Alpha Transparency)

Thumbnails in any Firmware after Png (with Alpha Transparency) are not Supported

(Sure you can make a Linksheet a ‘Thumbnail’ with Png Transparency all views will work with this… with a modification. But it won’t work for Gallery View … Browse description lists won’t display (this is crucial for a Linksheet modification to function) …

All other Views … No Problems :smiley:

For the example above the 1280x459 sheet is just a speed test …

The Linksheet is JPG, The Thumbnails are JPG … Overlayed with a PNG Frames.

What do i mean by “Browse description lists” ?   Ive tried to mod Gallery View so it looks like List View.

I could not find a way to display more than “One” Movie title name.  Which means i wasted many hours trying to get a List View with “15” Movie title names to display.


Thx for the explanation, keep up the good work! :smileyvery-happy:

I’ve finally managed to download the theme from fileden.com link but it takes a lot to start the download, I’ve been watching the spinning arrow of the browser for about 5 minutes before it prompt me to save the file, and it’s a bit strange 'cause I was only surfing some pages so I supposed to have full bandwidth…maybe they are doing some maintenance job.  




Yeah, maybe i should find another file host ?


I joined Fileden years ago … they have always been a little clunky.


(But at least ive never had anything deleted … like Hotfile have done a few times:angry:)

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