Æonish Hub ReV2 [WDTV LIVE HUB]



Pretty Busy with other "Projects" but quickly did this in about 20 Minutes.
From memory you prefer your Music in 'List View' and Resolution of 250x250 for ID3 Covers.

Unfortunatly due to Live Hub Firmware the 'List View' is 'Shared' with Video and Photos as well.
So, Modifiying 'List View' for 'Standard' ID3 Embedded Covers ruins the 'List View' for Movies with Moviesheets.


Due to my Discovery i can Duplicate 100% the 'List View' for all other Views. (except Gallery View at this time)

So, this Download, even though the XML is named .. rv_music_browse_page.xml

it's in Fact a "List View" with "Focused" Album Cover Art just like in the "rv_list_browse_page.xml"

Movies/Videos Moviesheet 'List View' is not affected by this modification.

How does this Discovery Work ?

In WD Legacy Code and in other 'User' Themes... you may have noticed this

<wrapper y="460" w="114" h="161" align="hcenter" scale="100" scale_type="fixratio" selected_scale="100">
<image name="th0" image="@@browse_0_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_0" x="147" active="@@act-browselist-0" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_0"/>
<image name="th1" image="@@browse_1_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_1" x="293" active="@@act-browselist-1" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_1"/>
<image name="th2" image="@@browse_2_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_2" x="439" active="@@act-browselist-2" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_2"/>
<image name="th3" image="@@browse_3_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_3" x="585" active="@@act-browselist-3" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_3"/>
<image name="th4" image="@@browse_4_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_4" x="731" active="@@act-browselist-4" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_4"/>
<image name="th5" image="@@browse_5_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_5" x="877" active="@@act-browselist-5" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_5"/>
<image name="th6" image="@@browse_6_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_6" x="1023" active="@@act-browselist-6" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_6"/>

it displays the 'Thumbnail' at the 'Specified Resolution'

However, this code does nothing to affect 'FOCUS'

<wrapper y="460" w="114" h="161" align="hcenter" scale="100" scale_type="fixratio" selected_scale="100">

But Modifying it to this ...

<wrapper y="460" w="114" h="161" align="hcenter" scale="50" scale_type="fixratio" selected_scale="100">

results in 'Non Selected Thumbnails' to be 'half the size' ie. the 'selected_scale="100" is the FOCUSED Thumbnail and or as well as a BACKDROP.

Backdrops for all Views was achieved in the Revision 2 is done by...

<wrapper x="0" y="0" w="1280" h="781" align="bottom,left" scale="1" scale_type="pan" selected_scale="100">

(why 'bottom left' ? because the Unfocused Thumbnail was visable.. so now it's 'hiding' behind the Aeonish Hub Floor Graphic...)

Oh, almost forgot the Download Link :smileyvery-happy:


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Solved it :-/


@ diddan

Would be nice if you posted the ‘Solution’ for other people who make the same mistake.

My Guess is, your problem was your   ‘Filter Settings’    (The “Green” Button on your Remote)


Thanks Joey

I copied the files over. Wife is using the TV right now so Ill test tonight when I come home… Ill let you know.


I was able to test before I left for work. I don’t want to give you a God complex but you are certainly earning the status. While scrolling through the mp3s it works. It however does not pull for the folder when outside scrolling through album folders. Using the same image as folder.jpg in the folder resolves that. Do you think there would be a way for the folder to read the id3 tag of songs inside? I know it’s a long shot but worth asking.

Also I forgot to check the info screen to see what it looks like. I’ll check that when I get home from work.

Thanks @Joey


@ drizzt09

It was just a quick mod for browsing… all the other XML’s related to ‘Music’ i havent done.

I tested the Browse with Filter set to Album’s and no .jpgs and it displayed the ID3 Coverart.

Im pretty sure there are 2 xml commands for displaying Coverart.

So i would have to tinker some more. And test with various Filters.

Busy working on other Themes at the momment.

The AEonish Hub update was the result of tinkering with the Theme(s) im working on.


Is there any Guide how to Setup and use Thumbgen for TV shows?

i have tryed it out - but i cant get the TV Sheets to look like the ones in the Demo folders :-/


Thanks, never thought of filters. Mine im possitive is set to folders. which may be why… when I get home Ill switch to album view and test. Might want to move this to a seperate thread as another minimod



Try follow the guide for the movies sheet. Think that worked for me… :slight_smile:


He posted a Non Theme/Moviesheets  Related Problem.

It was a Hub Settings Configuration issue which he resolved.


I got the TV Sheets to work Proberly with Bron/Broen Season 1 - My big problem is 

Blue Bloods Season 1

i can find it on thetvdb.comhttp://thetvdb.com/?tab=season&seriesid=164981&seasonid=251251&lid=7

The wierd thing is when i try to progress the folder it wont find it - not even if i change search to BLue bloods Season 1 or Blue Bloods S01E01

Can anyone help me out here :smiley:


Thats a Thumbgen issue.

The only way i could get Thumbgen to create a Moviesheet for ‘Blue Bloods’ was to manually input the

Imdb ID.   tt1595859

So it’s either a Bug in Thumbgen or TVDB (However upon Registering and looking at the Info… it’s all correct)


@ drizzt09

It however does not pull for the folder when outside scrolling through album folders. Using the same image as folder.jpg in the folder resolves that. Do you think there would be a way for the folder to read the id3 tag of songs inside? I know it’s a long shot but worth asking.

After some ‘Music Testing’ i can confirm 100% that an ID3 Tag Coverart Image will Display for “Folders” and each individual song contained in the Folder. 

  (Tested with Filter > Folders) and also (Tested with Filter > Album)

Tested using with Default(Mochi) Theme and Aeonish Hub Theme and both display the same behavior.

NOW for the Strange Behavior (tested with Default Mochi Theme)

1. My test Folder contained 10 Mp3 Music Albums in Folders with a folder.jpg image but no  xml…  Only the Mp3’s with the ID3 Embedded Coverart.

2. I Pressed the Green Remote button and set the FILTER to FOLDERS.

3. Now  strange things happen… Only 2 Folder Albums are displaying a Folder Image. the remaining 8 are blank.

4. When i enter the 1st Folder all the Track Songs are Blank… however the 2nd Folder has ALL the ID3 Coverart for every song !

5. Investigating with Mp3Tag … The ID3 Coverart is 300x300 and 26kb   … so are most of the other Albums but they aren’t displaying ?

6. As a test, i took one of the Albums and extracted the ID3 Coverart from ONE Song.

7. Saved the Song without the ID3 Coverart. Then Opened the Song again and added the Cover that i just extracted.

8. Copied the Album back to the Hub and after the Media Compiled …

9. The Album now has an Image for  ALL Song Tracks ! And i only had repack ONE song.

10. Conclusion, Mp3tag Software is Correctly and  creating and packing the ID3 Coverart Image. (Other Mp3’s were obviously done with other Software.

Final: I extracted and repacked 1 song from each of the 8 Folders and Now i have 10 Album folders with a Folder Image displaying and a Song Image for every Song.

And there is only Mp3s in the Folders… 1 folder.jpg and no xml

P.S. I will work on the Other Music Views tonite. 

Here’s the “Default Music Folder Image”  (that was the incorrect dimension for folder view)




I tried that.

  1. album that only has ID3tags [adele-19].

Extracted 1 song cover art [which saved by default in the same folder and i name folder.jpg]. I then added it back to the same song [giving that song 2 covers].

I then deleted the folder.jpg, checked the hub and it has a folder image.

  1. album that only has ID3tags [Aaron Lewis-Town Line].

Extracted 1 song cover art [which saved by default in the same folder and i name 1.jpg]. I then added it back to the same song [giving that song 2 covers].

I then deleted the 1.jpg, checked the hub and it does NOT have a folder image.

Based on that testing I think it just cached the folder.jpg I created temporarily but didnt cache anything for 1.jpg.

Now before that testing I testing with the current theme which was “Æonish Hub 2.07.17”. I then loaded on “Æonish Hub Rev2.2.07.17” and tested. Same outcome. I took some pictures of what I see and the comparisons.

See here:


Well, in my testing it works.

2 Things i did to keep the test isolated.

I used the Default(Mochi) theme… Because the “Theme” does not control the behavior of ID3 Tags. Firmware does.

So my theme has got absolutely nothing to do with.

I put on the Hub Mp3’s that ive never copied to the Hub.

Ok, there was a Folder Image, (apologies) but  the Song Tracks definatly have ID3 Coverart.

Everything worked for me under those test conditions.

I will upload some test folders and video later on tonite.

P.S.  Im running Firmware 2.07.17 …  but i have previously updated to FW 3.01.19 , but rolled back.

EDIT: Further Testing … can see a pattern, file structure…and couple of little tweaks the Theme.

Will work on it tonite and upload.


Hi Joey,

Is there a way for me to add the icon for the movies/series I have seen? I have a lot of series and somethimes its nice to get the overview of what I’ve watched…

…maybe as an overlay like your upcomming IMDB Ratings…?

Looking foreward to IMDB Ratings, Media Flags and Certifications… :smiley: ETA?

Hope I explained it ok…



@drizzt09 and anybody else

Here is a Music Demo Package which shows Music Working with all Filters,Files and Folders.


* An Altered Aeonish Theme for Non Musicsheet Music.(Homescreen Video Picture can be changed via Photos/Set as Background… as no MusicSheet is displayed on the Homescreen while music playing)

* A Realtime Video Demonstration
(15 min Video from Cleared Cache Boot-Up,then i Copy Demo Files and Browse using different Filters and Different Themes)

* ID3 Tag Demo Folder = The Demo Folder used in the Video

* InternalHDDContents.jpg  = a Screencapture of the contents of my Internal Hub HDD.

After a lot of testing this is what ive realised is required for music…

Mp3 --------------------- Music
folder.jpg -------------- for Folders  (Filter>Folders)
Album/Artist.jpg -------- for Files  (Filter>Album,Genre,Artist etc)
Album/Artist.xml -------- for Info  (Metadata Info)
ID3 Embedded Coverart — for Song/Track Images  (Music Browse/Playback Screen)

If you cant get it working, i wouldnt have a clue… it works fine on my Hub.

The Music Download Package Link: (Approx 200MB)



Thank You. Great work.

with the folder.jpg it works… i was trying to get it to without any images except ID3 tag embedded. I guess with the folders its a must… which I was half expecting because thats how you show folder images for movies and tv. I can deal. I just need to now stop WMP from grabbing those and overwriting them with stupid 200x200 crappy images. I am am able to on local PC[music networked on Server]. but when laptop uses WMP to access same music WMP autogenerates the images. same settings are disabled. and it doesnt do it locally on the laptop… only when networked to server… weirdest thing. But thats another story.


Mp3 --------------------- Music
folder.jpg -------------- for Folders  (Filter>Folders)
Album/Artist.jpg -------- for Files  (Filter>Album,Genre,Artist etc)
Album/Artist.xml -------- for Info  (Metadata Info)
ID3 Embedded Coverart — for Song/Track Images  (Music Browse/Playback Screen)

I dont use those filters myself so I wont worry about that. I only user FOLDER filter. My question is which image is used for the metadata info screen. folder.jpg or album/artist.jpg?



Hi Joey. I wanted to let you know I have been experimenting with your latest update and I’m happy to say that so far it is working very well with my music collection even though I don’t have folder.jpg and XML generated for it yet. In the list view, all my album are showing the proper Id3 cover art and songs title and album title. This is just perfect for me. I will add some folder jpg and XML and try the other views with different filters later today and see how this goes. Your demo folder, on the other hand, does not work as well since the id3 tags are not formatted as the one generated for my own music. I use MP3Tag to generate the Id3 and embedded cover art. Another big Kudo and million thanks for all the hard work to produce this awesome theme.


Great worl once again Joey!