Aeonish Hub Moviesheets Edition

After 567 downloads this theme is no longer available

Download links are no longer being updated.


Nach 567 Downloads diese Thema ist nicht mehr verfügbar

Download-Links werden nicht mehr aktualisiert.


This is a modified version of the Aeonish Hub Theme made by Joey Smyth and is posted / shared here with his permission. The Gallery View in this theme consists of a large piece of code out of the Gallery View from Devicious Black Mamba v1.5.

All credits for the original parts in this theme go to them.

Added / Changed to the theme:

  • Gallery View works with Moviesheets in .jpg
  • Backdrops, Cover art and Fanart in .jpg
  • Cover art in Music folders is also used as backdrop
  • On the About screen Credits to the original author(s)
  • New Main Menu ( lowered menu bar )  ( incl: New Firmware, RSS and Live TV)
  • Temp and Weather added to the Menu bar (Aeon skin XBMC)
  • Now Playing is back in the main menu
  • Works with Firmware up to FW 3.06.14. Not tested with later FW …

Aeonish Hub Moviesheet

Aeonish Hub TV Sheet

Movie / TV sheets with XBMC Aeon “looks” …



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looks good Medic [and Joey and Devicious]

which firmware does it run on?

I updated yesterday to the latest FW 3.06.14 and this far i’ve found nothing that stopped working or caused any problem …

Only screen i know of that isn’t 100% is the Network Source Management but i can’t figure out from which xml this screen is build.

oh yeah forgot to ask, media library on or off?

any delay in image loads or instant?

I have the Media Library ON but it also works with the Library OFF.

In Gallery View the covers load instant, the moviesheets load with Delay.

In all other views the covers are also used as backdrop and load instantly. For folders … folder.jpg loads as folder thumb and on the background.

mhhhh, Download not possible: “This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.”???

EDIT: sorry, now is ok!

Medic asked me my permission to modify the Aeonish theme for latest Firmware.

To which i granted permission.  No problems,  :smiley:  just credit the original WD Theme Author ( Which he did )

Sometimes Hotfile deletes links unless you’ve registered with them.

(ive had lots of stuff deleted when uploading as guest or non-registered … happened around the time of the megaupload fiasco)

Hopefully Medic will re-upload his Mod (Maybe try Mediafire ?)


Wow allready gone that is quick …

I’ll upload it again, hopefully for a bit longer periode this time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Download Links updated and working!

I made two new templates for the theme for Movies and TV Series.

Both templates have a little more Aeon for XBMC in it …

hi there,

looks good.

i cant seem to download it? any help?

also will any moviesheet work with this?

and just to check this works with the latest firmware? (Displays Moviesheets)

Cheers lee



I checked the ( updated ) links --> working but Hotfile uses some sort of IP check/download policy. After downloading a file you have to wait 30 minutes before you can get the second file.

Yes, The theme works with any moviesheet (in .jpg) e.g. lstar337’s … and seperate movie/tv thumb (in .jpg) combination.

Yes, works with the latest release FW 3.06.14.

Fixed the Background Setup screen …

i cant download anything the page just crashes out.

i wait but nothing happens???

hi again, downloaded and installed.

my moviesheets arent working properly, i can c them in the background but infront is a small thumbnail of my moviesheet and other stuff.

still on firmware 2.07.17 as i didnt want to update to the latest yet coz when i have my moviesheets dont work.

any help please?

I modded this to a theme that runs on the new FW. I never tested it on the 2.07.xx release …

When running this FW use one of the original Aeonisch Hub themes which are designed for FW 2.07.xx.


very fine :slight_smile: but i miss the “now playing”.

Joey has done it for me, look here. Perhaps you would like to embed.

Thank you for sharing this info.

The “Now Playing” is the same as in the original Aeonisch Hub Theme … i didn’t change it.

Maybe at a later time …

just updated to the latest firmware and on gallery view im getting the same thing, my moviesheet is faded in the background and a small thumbnail of the moviesheet is in front.

any ideas???

also how is the moviesheet coming up with the dvd covers at the bottom???

Couple of questions for you … you’re not giving much information.

  • You say u use moviesheets, have you heard of the program thumbgen?
  • If u have moviesheets already why don’t u know how to make covers / movie thumbs?
  • What theme did you use before? … was it a theme that only used moviesheets without covers / movie thumbs?

Because your moviesheets are probably the only jpg’s in your movie folder they show up like movie thumbs. Since it allready happend while you were on FW 2.07 means it has little to do with the .metathumb extension used in the new FW.

How to setup your movie folders can be found all over the themes forum.