AEonish and Firmware 3.05 - idea and question

Hello Themers,

i test the following constellation:

  • Firmeware 3.05.10 

  • AEonish Theme

and this:




Predators.metathumb (icon for Movie)

Predators.jpg (jpg generated Moviesheet with Thumbgen - org. Moviesheet for the AEonish Theme)

The Movie Icon is viewable, but *.jpg sheet (the big picture on the left side) want view - and i have no idea why.

I hope i have found a solution to make the AEonish Theme with little work for the Firmware 3.x …:confounded:

Thx for a liite help…


.metathumb overides the .jpg

The .jpg is the Thumbnail & Moviesheet combined.  (there is no Separate Thumbnail & Moviesheet)

eg. This Single Image (or Moviesheet)  is Both the Backdrop & Thumbnail 

scale=“100” scale_type=“pan” align=“left”       =  The Backdrop

scale=“100” scale_type=“pan” align=“right”    =  The Thumbnail


Generating  _sheet.jpg  with Thumbgen and having the path in the movie xml … is not how Aeonish Displays ‘Sheets’ for all the Views.

Hello Joey,

thanks again - super idea.