Advised Broken WD Black Hard Disk Covered (Warranty) but Now Revoked

Had a Western Digital 4TB Enterprise Black for 3 years in Sydney Australia which the plastic back data connector broke off exposing the copper fingers when I tried to plug it into my new system as normal (didn’t force it). So I rang WD Support and asked whether the issue (I did explained in detail) was covered under warranty and the nice support staff called Victor confirmed the broken plastic was covered under warranty and proceeded to provide me details on where to ship via email to Vietnam.

Yesterday (July 1st 2019), I received an email saying the drive is rejected due to Connector gold fingers damaged,
Please advise disposition of the rejected RMA [DELETED] either to

  1. Scrap at WD CSC (Greystone) or
  2. Return the defective driveat customers Cost.

I had never experienced this with Seagate back when I had the Barracuda drives sent back under warranty and it all got resolved within 2 weeks at most.

Firstly, WD tells me I didn’t need to ship it back to Vietnam (are you serious?)
Secondly I had to pay approximately $30 for the return shipping. (I thought small price to pay to follow process)
Thirdly I rang and told them exactly what the issue was and they confirmed it was covered under warranty. (now they revoke what they agreed to do in the first place).
Fourthly, I had to wait 30 days for the item to be returned when in fact WD had a return address in Australia!!!.

It’s been over 1 month now and life is too short to be mucked around. It feels like I got scam so they can collect the scrap metal at your expense on two fronts for sending an item back to Vietnam and tricking you to say the issue is covered under warranty.

I don’t have much faith anymore with the support of WD because the responses changes over time…
I am familiar with the Australian Consumer Law Rights where I shouldn’t have had to send an item on the other side of the world when I purchased it here… but I sucked it up… now I am really sucking this up.

Forgot to also mentioned Victor from WD advised that they no longer made the 4TB Black Enterprise drive and agreed to ship me a 6TB WD Gold… That’s the third lie that they do to make you ship the defective harddrive back to Vietnam.

Maybe they might come good after I wrote back to WD today (WD Case [DELETED]) but I really doubt it, given that I feel like I was tricked not once… but the 3rd time. I have already bought another drive this afternoon as I cannot afford to wait for my RAID to fail while I communicate with Western Digital. Even if they come clean, I have already bought another drive.


WD was very good to overturn the decision and upgrade my WD Black 4TB to a WD Gold 6TB shortly after.

Many thanks to WD, my faith has now been restored thank you

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