Advice to WD to improve RMA process (mods/admins plz read)

The advance RMA process for some hard drives does not work because your tech people have not assigned a dollar value to many hard drive models(Your site tries to authorize a payment of 0 dollars, which gives endless errors). Because of this, whenever we have to advance rma one of these models for a customer, we have to call in and sit on hold for hours. It would save us a great deal of time if we could do these online. A few of the part numbers affected are:


If the forum admins/moderators could pass this info to the appropriate channels at the company, myself and my employees would be very grateful. I have mentioned this countless times while on the phone to Western Digital support, but nothing is ever done to fix this problem. Thank you


We have passed this along to support. Someone will contact you soon.

No need to contact me, just hope the problem gets fixed. Thanks

Same problem with 8TB Purple, 8TB Red, 8TB My Book and 8TB My Cloud.

Horrible that they can’t even assign values to their models so these models can actually have a warranty claimed.

You can add Model #WDBFJK0060HBK-NESN to this list as well. It is impossible to create an Advanced RMA for this drive because there is no price assigned to it. Is there any particular reason this issue has not been addressed yet and is still happening all these months later?

I just wasted an hour getting nonstop error messages because of this. You can add the My Book WDBFJK0080HBK-NESN to the list of products that can’t be Advance RMA’d online because of this bug. When are you going to fix this WD???

Same problem here. This drove me nuts cuz I couldnt figure out what I was doing wrong! I bet they’ll never fix this. Mine is a My Cloud WDBCTL0080HWT-NESN and it says $0.00 too. So frustrating!

I’m really upset bcuz of this!. My new SSD drive I got for Christmas starting losing data so an advanced RMA would have been perfect to just swap the data onto a new one. Couldn’t do it cuz of this same zero dollar error all you other dudes got too. Then I had to deal with the Hindu on the phone and give him all the same info all over again, and HE STILL COULDN’T DO A ADVANCED RMA EITHER! richy rich CEOs at Western Digital don’t care about fixing their own company’s website. Once you got your millions, who cares about the customer or product.

We do apologize for any issues with the site. We’re looking into this now.


Support has been trying to contact you by email for the last three days. Is there a reason you’re not responding?

You guys need to fix the website problem. I have been doing tech support for my companies labs for the last 2 years and we are having this problem now too with our newer external drives. The PR4100 units and even the 32TB EX4100 unit cannot be advanced RMA’d online. And yes, now even your tech support staff sometimes cannot do the advanced rma either, so I have to spend even more time making backups before being forced to do a standard RMA. You need to add non-zero values to all model numbers. Why is this so hard? Look at the evidence below. The older 24TB unit can be advanced rma’d because it has a value, but the 32TB cannot because it has a 0 value.

PS, I do not need to be contacted. Just fix this, it is annoying.


Can you message me your serial number so that our programmer can look into this, please?

Yes, I would be happy to do this but please send me a private message because I do not have the user permissions to compose a new message yet.

Actually, we’re fine. We were able to get things started with your model number. As soon as we get the system updated, we’ll let you know.


This is still being worked on. We haven’t forgotten or dropped you.

hello my model have 0$ too :frowning: WDBBGB0060HBK-NESN


Thank you, I’m happy this is being looked into, as I believe it is an issue with many different models.

I’m having the programmers look into yours as well.

oh niceeee you know how many time that can take?