Advice on Velociraptor Purchase

I’m looking for someone with knowledge on pervious versions of the WD Velociraptor series to advise me on a purchase.

I’m wanting to buy a set of 6 identical WD Velociraptor hard drives for my 1st generation x58-based I7 to use in raid-0.

I -DO NOT- want to buy the ‘newer’ SATA-III/6Gbps version of these (even if they are backwards compatible with Sata-II) because of two reasons:

1.)  The onboard raid on my i7 only supports Sata-II/3Gbps so the faster drives would be a waste.

2.)  The newer Sata-III/6Gbps versions are rather expensive.

Now that aside, I’ve looked on the wikipedia article for “Western Digital Velociraptor” and noticed that there were reported bugs or problems with certain versions of the Sata-II versions of the Velociraptors when used in raid.

So Ultimately my question is this:  If I’m buying the Sata-II version of these drives (Possibly, and most probably used off of ebay, unless I find some new ones on there), Which versions have the raid bug and which versions are safe for raid?

Size is of no importance, since they’ll be in Raid-0 configuration, even 80gb drives would be fine for my purposes, I’m only looking for the speed and performance, I have external drives and other computers with multiple TB of drives for storage.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I currently have my eye on a listing on ebay for the 80gb Sata-II velociraptors, model WD800HLFS  for $24.99, does anyone know if this exact model is safe / good for raiding?

Hi, searching in the forum, I haven’t seen any reported bugs for the model you are planning of purchasing.

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Hi well I would not worry about bugs. My worry would be putting 5 year old hard drives in a pc, to use as raid and expect them to last and work without problems. When you get the drives I would check the smart data see how many power on hours and run a test on the drives and hope for the best.

In response to Hammey:
It’s not that big of a deal really, it’s western digital, they make awesome drives. I have some blue series drives I’ve had for 5-6 years with zero problems in other computers. Also I make frequent backups to other computers so it’s no issue at all.

I want velociraptor performance but buying new drives are way out of my price range, I could get 6 used ones for less than the cost of one new 300gb one.

In response to Alucardx23:
Thank you for someone here taking my request seriously. And thanks for the information, looks good.

i bought  Verociraptor trying to build a fastest computer but Verociraptor messed  up my quest , it doesnt capture 8 bit and 10 bit , 12 bit video file , it keep droping frames, quite furstrating,

i ran the disk test only to discover that it doesn’t support those file i made mention of

i dont know if anyone here can advice me which hard best suit for Hd video and 3D, please do

this is my spec,

2x1tb Verociraptor,

rampage 111 ,x58 motherboard, quadro 5000 nvidiagraphic card, black magic extreme 3D video card, 12 gig ram, core 17 processor 990, 3.47 ghz,