Advice on Music Streaming Devices


I’m looking to get myself a music streamer to play music in my kitchen.  Moreover, I want the device to be able to stream from my MyWorld when my PC is switched off.  If it had access to internet radio/DAB as well, that would be just peachy.

Initially, I was looking at the Squeezebox but I understand that doesn’t play too nicely with the My World, or that the MyWorld hasn’t quite got the power to run the squeezecentreserveroverlordubermanager.

Can anyone confirm/deny these limitations?  Either way, what solutions do most people end up going for?

Thanks in advance.

I mainly use digital picture frames (by Kodak) that stream both picutres and music - not the best sound but cheap and easy to put in every room.

Does that provide any UI for choosing music, etc?


Considering a netbook/tablet now.

Any experiences on which conduit will work best?

Has anyone actually got Squeezebox to work with a MyWorld?  Are Netbooks powerful enough to stream (wired/wireless) from the MyWorld?

Any other options I’ve not considered that are good?