Advice about initial setup re iTunes

I have a large iTunes library that I want to put on the My Cloud Mirror and use solely on my iMac- not streaming, just as a networked drive.
My iTunes files are currently held on an external HDD on my home pc- if I set up the MCM initially at home under the PC, move the files onto the MCM, will it impact on anything when I take it to my office and use with the iMac?
I have only ever used a mac a number of years ago and there was an issue with drives having to be formatted in mac OSX in order to write new files to them- is this still the case or as this is a network drive wont be affected by it.

Thanks for any help on this


Since this is a network drive, you won’t need to reformat the drive. Once you copy the files and connect the drive at work, you will need to access itunes to look for the files on your network.