Advantage of Port Forwarding?

What is the advantage of establishing “port forwarding”? I notice that in the Dashboard, under General >>Cloud Acess it states “port forwarding connection established.” However, under Network >> Port Forwarding it states “No port forwarding service(s) has been added to your WD My Cloud Mirror device.”

So, what is the difference and what would be the advantage to establishing one?

My wife and I are using the My Cloud app on our smartphones. They connect to the My Cloud: Mirror with no issue (when on the network over Wi-Fi and over a data connection when out of the home).

That message would be better worded as “No ADDITIONAL port forwarding service(s)…” as the NAS has obviously enabled port forwarding for use with the My Cloud app. (That is, of course, unless you did it manually.)

No. I didn’t. You’re right about the wording as the way it is now it is somewhat confusing.