Advanced RMA Statcode 352 and terrible support

WD support has given me the run around with over 10 different people, charged my credit card multiple times and yet still says I’m at fault for entering in my address wrong.

As I go through the advanced RMA problem (all of my WD drives have failed over the years of light use) I get either Statcode 352 or some other code saying an RMA is already created. I had a representative yell at me saying I wasn’t entering in my own address correctly and to just do it again (I did and it still failed). I used multiple credit cards like they said and they refused to put me in contact with a manager or anyone higher up. Now my warranty is expiring and I wont be able to get my drive replaced (almost like they planned this).

Has anyone had such a terrible experience with WD support before and was it ever fixed? Also is there a way that I can get a new drive unit instead of someone else’s broken “refurbished” drive?