Advanced RMA question


I’m using several Western Digital Black drives inside 2 RAID 6 configurations:
I not only buy always Western Digital drives, because they do have great products, but also for their easy support in the past.

If one of the drives failed I always could use Advanced RMA where I get the new drive first and then can send in the failed drive within 30 days. That was not only convient as I get the new drive earlier, but also because I get a very good shipment package with the new drive that I can use then to send the failed back.

Right now I have a failed drive (WD7500BPKT-00PK4T0, [Deleted]) since at least one year again and while filling the RMA form the option “Advanced RMA” was disabled - I only could use “Standard RMA”.

Therefore my question:
dropped Western Digital now the Advanced RMA for “normal” customers on WD Black products which would really be a pity or is there another reason why I couldn’t use Advanced RMA for this product?

Best regards and thanks for a short reply on that in advance

Hi ab-tools, welcome to the Community. You should be able to create the Advanced RMA for any product withing warranty, if you are having any problems, I recommend you to contact support directly and they can also create the ADV RMA for you.

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Hello jubei04,

first thanks for your quick reply!

I just mailed the WD support and asked for changing the RMA case to Advanced RMA. Let’s see what they reply. :slight_smile:

Best regards and thanks again