Advanced RMA - Fund Holding

Have a quick question concerning Advanced RMAs.  I have a 1TB Black that I’m going to be sending in soon, but I’d like to know how much money WD will want to hold if Advanced RMAing is used?

To clarify, its my understanding that if you use Advanced RMA, WD want a credit card # in order to put a hold on a specified amount of funds until the defective drive is in their hands and confirmed defective.  Once the defective drive is cleared the hold on the funds is released.

I’ve tried looking for the amount, but I haven’t found anything on the pages I’ve looked on.

Hi Uchuu,

There isn’t a set amount that is put on hold. There are a lot of factors that will determine the amount of money such as drive capacity, model, etc. When you setup the advanced RMA, it should tell you the amount of the hold before you actually complete it, that way you can determine if you want to continue or not.

You are correct about how it works, except that we don’t verify that the drive is defective. WD just puts a hold on the amount until the drive is checked into the warehouse and it is the correct drive. For example: you didn’t create the RMA against one serial and we received a drive of a different serial number. Once the drive is received at the warehouse and it matches the serial the RMA was created for and there is no damage, etc, the hold is removed. For an advanced RMA you have 30 days for WD to receive the drive before the hold is turned into an actual charge.

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