Advanced replacement

I ordered advanced replacement today i’m wondering when I recieve the replacement the packaging it comes with would it be possible if I put my faulty product in it and bring it to the post office and send it off or do i have to get a new packaging. I even have the original packaging, i’m just curious what way to pack it up before i send it back i’m thinking safest way is the package that comes with the replacement product it would be the safest i’m presuming 
i’m just wondering what way other people have sent it back 


I think WD wouldn’t have any problem if you sent the faulty drive on the original box or in the same box they used to send you the replacement drive… just make sure the drive is not moving inside the box to avoid future issues.-

what about the power lead that came with it? do i send that aswell?

Allow me to share a link from the WD website about all the packaging information.

If your replacement comes without a power supply when you must keep your original one.

Thanks Rich should take 3-5 days so expecting it on monday :)