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I am interested in purchasing a WD5003AZEX 3.5" hard drive and a WD5000LPLX 2.5" hard drive and had a pre sales question. I just discovered that they are both Advanced Format drives. Are they 512e Advanced Format drives, or 4Kn Advanced Format drives? Unfortunately, the documentation on Western Digital does not mention which of the two they are.

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Hello Casey, 

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I did some investigation with the support team and they are both 512e

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Thank you for the help, ERmorel! Now that I know they are 512e, I will go ahead and buy them. I had called in to Western Digital’s 800 number to ask them, but the person I was speaking with hung up on me right after I asked the question. So it’s great to have these forums to get our questions out there. I appreciate the help.

You are welcome.

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