Advance RMA

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Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this …

I recently completed an Advance RMA - under the understanding that I would be sent a drive whilst I sent the defective drive back to Western Digital.  The defective drive was received by Western Digital a week ago RMA Status now closed - the new drive is still has not been sent as far as I can tell. Case No [Deleted].  It says TBD for the tracking no.

Any ideas as to who I need to contact to find out whats happening with the new drive?

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Try contacting WD support

Hi ragdexx,

Many thanks for your reply. 

I have already tried that the day after they had received the HD - which is over a week ago.  Just sent in another one - maybe they missed it … :smiley:

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Hi well as they need your credit card number you would need to phone them for the advanced RMA but that should have been setup before you returned the drive.