Advance RMA - (STATCODE312) Error

I have a WD60EFRX drive with an increasing number of bad sectors, which I want to return for warranty replacement. Since the drive is still functional I’m attempting to create an Advance RMA…

On July 6th: During the process and without asking for a credit card, the website just returned me to the RMA page. Trying again resulted in the message “Another RMA is already in process. Please try again after sometime. Please contact support for additional help.” with (STATCODE312).

Online chat Tech Support says that the RMA team states that this is because the credit card was declined (what credit card, I never got to that screen). The advice was to use a Standard RMA instead, which isn’t a solution because I don’t want to lose the data on the 6TB drive, thus the need for an Advance RMA. Anyone else seeing this issue? Is the Advance RMA system broken again?

Yes it’s dead.
I have pending advanced RMA’s that have sat for 2 months, still not shipped.

8TB Red , 12TB EX2 , 10TB Red and Gold, 4TB and 8TB and 12TB My Book Duo, and many more models are not in stock. They stopped getting supply. I don’t know how WD stock isn’t $5 a share at this point.

Apparently the communications channel inside WD isn’t as robust as it should be. While researching my issues with getting an advanced RMA I came across this information on the WD website at: - the salient point is “During this period, we will continue issuing RMAs for customers, however, we have temporarily suspended all Advanced Replacement RMAs due to logistical limitations.”

So, I will take the drive out of service and postpone the RMA request until WD is again processing Advanced RMAs,

that announcement was from April 15.

They had removed the Advanced RMA option. But by late May, they put the option back.
So that implies they are working again.
And a few orders have shipped from my orders, and other business partners I know
But 90% of orders are not shipping and their inventory is the worst it’s ever been
Even log in to your WD account and add a product and you see this annoying red message at the top

" Western Digital’s Global Service Centers will be closed July 1st to July 3rd . [Click here] for details. Please expect processing delays for receiving and shipping out replacement products. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.""

Totally outdated. It’s July 9. They can’t even remove the message by now?
So there is somebody, somewhere working, and doing things at WD at a snails pace.

Hi, did you manage to find a solution?

WD’s Advance RMA service is either unavailable or simply not functioning in any kind of rational way.

I started the Advance RMA process in early July and as noted in my original post it failed. I opened a support ticket and after two weeks of silence from “Western Digital Technical Support” I got an email asking me to try the Advance RMA process again, which I did - and was finally able to get an Advance RMA number issued (along with the $25 fee).

However, it is now six days later and the 6TB Red (CMR) replacement drive hasn’t shipped. “Western Digital Technical Support” has ‘escalated [the] case to the concerned team’ so we’ll see what happens next. I’m not holding my breath.

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you are right… its such a joke of a system that the SMS notifications doesn’t even work.

i had a business partner actually get one of his Advanced RMA’s shipped, but even though he signed up for SMS notifications, he never got a single update , and his RMA status still shows pending as it did day 1… but his package showed up by ups. lol. it took 2 months.

but i know numerous others that have had their advanced RMA’s either ignored for months, or cancelled because they have an employee emailing saying you need to send proof and a picture of the hard drive, and when you can’t meet their demands that they didn’t require when you submitted your RMA , then they just ignore your RMA, and yet they still keep your $25. it’s a disgrace.

not surprised if WD stock drops to $10

also, the statcode312 happens even if you start an rma, even literally going to step 2, before the card page, and if you happen to go to a different page and start over, and try to click next, you will get the statcode 312 for an hour. their system is so bad.

Hi, did you manage to find a solution?

If you wait an hour, the “RMA already in progress” will go away and you can try again. If you get any of the other STATCODE errors, you’re screwed, because nobody knows what any of them mean(see other discussions in this forum a few months back). And as you’ve already experienced, telephone support is clueless.